Having danced professionally since 1998, Prosenjit Guy Kundu has been actively involved in the Underground Dance Scene for over 2 decades. Born in France, Prosenjit, who is of Bengali-Indian and French descent discovered the art of hip hop dancing in 1990, at the mere age of 15. Two years later at 17, he stumbled upon a D.C. house club by the name of Trax and fell in love with the energy and flow of house dance. On turning 18, he attended Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia, where he acquired a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Dance and Choreography. By day, he formally trained in the dance forms of Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Tap and African at VCU and by night was pursuing dance styles such as Breakdancing, House, Hip Hop, Popping and Locking at underground clubs. After his schooling, he moved to New York City to fuel his fervor for dance and mold his visions. Prosenjit began teaching at studios throughout Manhattan while simultaneously working as a professional dancer.
Being half Indian, Prosenjit always wanted to delve deeper into his roots and visit the homeland of his father and contribute socially through his love for Street & Club Dance Styles. Prosenjit moved to India with this vision in December, 2005 and was the very first individual to introduce and teach styles such as Breakdancing, House, Popping, Locking and Old School Hip Hop into the collective dance culture. He is accredited by the countries pioneering dancers in the above styles as being instrumental in kick starting what can now only be called a street dance phenomenon spreading in India. Prosenjit spent unpaid hours teaching and creating awareness about these forms even initializing the then unfamiliar idea of a "crew" and dedicating his time to consistently creating an underground dance scene. For his contribution he has been featured in a number of interviews and documentaries internationally. He has created the "Dance Nomad Project" as an effort to travel to different parts of India both cities and remote areas teaching and judging events as well as documenting the same. Prosenjit was also a judge on India's First Ever Street Dance Television Show called Footloose on Channel V
Some of Prosenjit's credits include: AR Rahman The Journey Home World Tour 2010, Cirque Du Soleil Mosaic/One Drop Foundation 2009, Madonna ARK Charity Event 2007, World Cup Japan/ Korea 2002, The Love Guru Movie, Glitter Movie, Deborah Cox US Tour 2002, KRS-One, Anastacia, Ashanti, Fantasia, Mariah Carey, Faith Evans, Ja Rule, Funkmaster Flex, Rah Digga, Jessica Alba, Mike Myers, Jon Stewart, Naseeruddin Shah, Saturday Night Live, ABC Dance Fever, Microsoft Windows 8, NFL Halftime Playoff Show, BBC, MTV, VH1, BET, Yash Raj Bollywood Productions, Mumbai Indians, Dance With Madhuri Dixit Online Classes, Nike, Bacardi, Garnier Fructis, 7up, Tic Tac, Rennie Harris Pure Movement, etc. Continuing to perfect his craft as a dancer, his teaching/dancing skills have taken him across the globe from countries like Spain, Netherlands, England, Germany, Italy, France, Denmark to Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, India, Canada and the United States.



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